Ultrasonic Dog Repeller- 5 Uses And Features

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Published: 13th December 2010
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For many people, dogs are more of a nuisance than they are useful either because they bark too much or are very dangerous. Your next door neighbour and post man don't find it funny each time they have to deal with a noisy barking dog. Often times, they wish the dog dead. The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller is a device that can help people to scare away these dogs and leave anyone free of any threats from dogs. Ultrasonic dog repeller offer 5 great benefits to users.

1. Protection from harmfull Stray Dogs: Most people, especially joggers in the park, do alway come across ruthless barking dogs. Since they are jogging the dogs might be prompted to want to follow the person. With the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller, one can chase away the dogs with just the press of a button. The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller releases ultra sonic sound at 125 decibels and this sound automatically chases the dogs and keeps one safe from potentially dangerous stray dogs.

2. As A Training Device: To establish routines,good behaviours and habits, some dog owners use this device to help them achieve training goals. This device can for instance emphasise that the dog should sit, go quite or just lie down. Of course this comes after a while but when it does, it makes the work easier for the dog owner as he will be able to communicate with his dog easily. By using this device, chances are that each time it's turned on, your dog will respond to commands and instructions better than without.

3. Safety comes first and saftey you'll get. Both the user and the dog will experience no harm when using this device. Producing up to 125 decibels in sound frequency, enough to repel any stray annoying dogs. There is no harm or side effects on dogs. The fact that it produces a sound frequency shouldn't scare or cause users to think of it as a potential hazard

4. Job Safety: If you're a post man or in a job that exposes you to stray dogs, the divice can be of great help in keeping you safe. The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller helps one to go about their duties without having to worry about dog bites or even loud dog barks. The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller is a handy device which when used will quieten down a dog and eventually chase it away leaving someone to go a bout their duties in peace.

5. Protects Against Other Stray Animals: Yes, not only dogs but other stary dangerous animals. Ultrasonic repellants can be used on foxes, and other wild animals for safety. Interestingly, the device works exactly thesame way it does on dogs on othe animals too. It emits sounds that is unbearable for the animals. However, the distance from which it acts on other animals is slightly different from that for the dogs. With dogs, you can expect to see the sound effect within 14 of pushing the button, however, with other animals, you'll need to be a bit closer .

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